Airbus AS350 BA

The Bell AS350 is a single-engine light utility helicopter that is easily reconfigured for various aerial work.

Bailey can provide a wide range of optional equipment, whatever the environment and the job requirement; firefighting, power line inspection, geological and wildlife surveys, water bucketing, drill moves, tree planting, etc. The AS350 is an operators preferred choice for aerial work and is a cost effective facilitating pilot workload during external load operations.


The Airbus AS350 BA is a single engine, light utility helicopter commonly known as the "AStar" in North America. The BA variant features the Arriel 1B engine and wider chord AS355 main rotors and tail rotor servo.

Passenger Seating – 5
Average Cruise Speed – 140 mph
Fuel Consumption – 180 ltr/hr
Max Range – 360 miles
Max Take-Off Weight – 4,630 lbs
Medevac Capable – Yes
HFDM Capable – Yes