SMS Program

Safety is always our top priority.

We put an extra focus on managing the most critical safety risks. We identify and assess risks that have the potential to become an incident, and take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate them. We work to mitigate these risks by enforcing compliance with vital controls, and effectively checking that controls are in place at all times.

At the same time, we prepare for and are ready to respond to potential incidents. To support this aim, we continue to roll out initiatives to strengthen our safety culture. This includes improving the safety leadership skills of our workers, simplifying our requirements, and rewarding successful performance.

A strong safety culture also depends on a competent workforce. 


Every Bailey Helicopters employee and contractor accepts safety, security and health as job requirements, whether working at a desk, flying helicopters, or performing maintenance at any of our facilities. We check that everyone responsible for tasks with a significant safety risk has the necessary training and skills.

Safety is our culture, our way of life. We aim to constantly achieve a higher standard.

Bailey Helicopters complies with all applicable laws and regulations, and where laws and regulations do not exist, we maintain the use of our high standards. Our commitment to high ethical standards, legal compliance, and integrity is reflected in our policies and practices.