Helicopter Operations & Services

Bailey Helicopters has provided a wide array of services since our inception in 1989 with a single Bell 47. Our fleet and capabilities have continued to expand over time allowing us to continue to provide quality rotary wing services to our clientele throughout British Columbia and Alberta.


Aerial Construction

Aerial Filming & Photography

Aerial Ignition (Drip Torch)

Avalanche Control

Bird Towing

Camp Support

Cargo Hauling & Long Lining

Forestry Support & Fire Suppression

Helicopter Logging & Grapple Operations

Timber Cruising

Tree Planting

Helicopter Tours

VIP Flights

Mountain Flying

Passenger Transport

Hover Exit

Mineral Exploration

Infrared Scanning & Mapping

Powerline & Utilities

Oil & Gas Support

Seismic Drill Moves & Support

Pipeline Leak Detection


Wildlife Capture

Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife Telemetry

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